Idiots being idiots

Since today has once again been a really horrible news day (Holy hell, Harry Kalas and Mark Fidrych in the same day?  Let’s hope death fans on the hat trick), I figure we could all use a little comic relief:

  • Manny Ramirez wants to retire with the Indians

Thumbnail image for MannyRamirez.jpgLast year, Ramirez wanted to retire in Los Angeles.  Now, after bilking signing a 2-year, $45 million contract with the Dodgers, Man-Ram has announced that he would like to play his final seasons in Cleveland.  And he wants former teammate Jim Thome to join him.  Now, if Thome follows Man-Ram to Los Angeles, this is a proposition I would whole-heartedly support. 

  • Sunday night is alright for fighting

The Red Sox and Angels engaged in the first bench-clearing brawl of the season last night, after an errant Josh Beckett pitch sailed over Bobby Abreu’s head.  There was some pushing and shoving but there weren’t any actual punches thrown, and I don’t think this was an intent ball (Beckett was in the middle of his windup when the home plate umpire called time).  When all was said and done, Torii Hunter, relief pitcher Justin Speier, and Angels’ hitting coach Mickey Hatcher were sent to the showers.  Angels’ manager Mike Scioscia was ejected for barking at Beckett (or somebody, he shouted something from the dugout) in the very next inning.

This brawl was actually kind of lame.  The batter wasn’t actually hit, and the pitcher wasn’t actually throwing at him.  And like most baseball fights, there wasn’t any actual fighting, either.  Hockey fights, on the other hand, are an entirely different story.  Sometimes even the fans get involved:

  • Reds OF day-to-day after incident with revolving door

Reds OF Chris Dickerson has apparently hurt himself while fighting with a revolving door as he was leaving his hotel on Saturday morning.  Somehow he struck himself in the head with the door as it swung around.  While this might not be a fail as epic as Joel Zumaya injuring his hand while playing Guitar Hero, or Clint Barmes breaking his collarbone while carrying deer meat, this is probably not the smartest move for someone who is battling with Jerry Hairston, Jr. for playing time.

And you know who else is an idiot?  Me.  For somehow accidentally publishing this post before I was done writing it.  I fail at the internets.  But then again, you probably already knew that.



  1. juliasrants

    It just never ends with Manny. God help us all. And a revolving door? Okay – this is where I admit – auditioning for “Grease” (many moons ago!) – the night before the call back – was going into a mall, turned to talk to the person behind me, the door slipped out of my hand and I ended up with an enormous black eye! Doors can be very difficult for those of us who are “door challenged”! lol!


  2. thrylos98

    That’s not that bad. I’d love to see Thome play 1st base for the Indians and Ramirez the outfield. They’ll probably need a couple of Geri-chairs by then…

  3. Erin Kathleen

    Julia,Don’t feel bad about being door-challenged. I am obviously blogging-challenged, so I am an even bigger idiot. lol.Melissa,Your offense scares me enough, so I’m hoping it doesn’t happen, either.Jeff,It seems like Manny is serious about this. Well, as serious as he ever is about anything. Dodger fans should really have seen this coming, though. It’s not like he’s never pulled this kind of thing before.Thrylos,Yeah, I know, Manny and Thome in the field aren’t really scary. Manny and Thome at the plate, however, certainly are. Especially against Twins’ pitching.Jason,Yes, I’m sure you would love to have the two biggest Twin-killers in the league back on your team 😉

  4. Jane Heller

    Baseball fights are so lame compared to hockey fights. I really hate violence and hide my eyes during hockey games. But the pushing and shoving and posturing that goes on during baseball “fights” is pretty funny.

  5. Erin Kathleen

    Canuck,I think the Twins will need more than luck against the Jays. More like a miracle.Jane,It’s even funnier when the ‘fights’ are between teammates. Like Carlos Zambrano and Michael Barrett. Or Prince Fielder and Manny Parra.Jeremy,I hate to say that I hope you’re right, but I hope you’re right. The Blue Jays are off to a really good start, though. Hopefully they can keep it up and be serious contenders in the AL East.

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