Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down

  • Getting over the .500 mark is just too damn hard

Once again, a starter pitched well enough to get the win, and once again, it was all in vain.  Of course, this time Nick Blackburn screwed himself out of the “W” when he surrendered three runs in the bottom of the eighth (with a little help from Michael Cuddyer), allowing Oakland to tie the game.  Sean Henn and Matt Guerrier then conspired to give up the winning run in the bottom of the ninth.  Had they managed to close out this game, The Twins would have reached the .500 mark for the first time in nearly a month.  Instead, the Twinks have fallen to 30-32 and are currently trailing the division-leading Tigers by four games.  Oh, and their league-worst road record is now 9-20.  Not good.

The bats weren’t exactly hot this afternoon, but the Twins did jump out to an early lead thanks to a three-run homer by Joe Crede.  Gosh, that signing is looking better and better every day.  Even though Crede’s batting average is a paltry .233, he’s clubbed seven homers in just 81 at-bats and now has ten already on the year.  He has been a tad on the injury-prone side (to say the least), but at least his back hasn’t been much of an issue so far (*knocks on wood*).  Of course, the organization is probably just trying to protect its investment, so they’ll likely keep him out of the lineup if he isn’t exactly 100%.

Joe Mauer went 1-for-4 and his batting average has now dropped to .410, and is in danger of not being the first player since Ted Williams to hit over .400 in a season.  STUPID CHEAP TWINS WHY DIDNT U TAKE MARK PRIOR INSTEAD!!!1!!1!   

Not surprisingly, Alexi Casilla was sent back down after Nick Punto was activated from the DL earlier this afternoon.  Casilla made a few unfortunate misplays that nearly cost the Twins in Tuesday night’s game, but for the most part he hasn’t been that bad since being recalled from Rochester.  He’s been hitting .308/.357/.385, which is a vast improvement over the .167/.202/.231 he was batting before his first demotion.  However, Matt Tolbert is more versatile, and Nick Punto obviously isn’t going anywhere with that $8.5 million albatross of a contract he signed in the offseason, so Casilla was sort of the odd man out of the infield.  Still, I would rather the Twins send Brian Buscher down instead, since he’s a liability both offensively and defensively and is seldom used anyway (he’s played in all of 32 games this season).



  1. juliasrants

    The “let’s torment the starting pitcher by losing the game” syndrome. The Red Sox have had bouts of it over the years and it appears that the Yankees are suffering through it right now. Good luck recovering!


  2. raysrenegade

    I know the feeling about hitting the .500 mark and teasing it until it gets to be an old habit.
    We have been dodging aboive and below the line since…. well the past few weeks with that magical .500 mark.
    I always see it as a team goal if you start off bad to reach the .500 mark, then take on one team at a time in front of you. In the end, either you are up on the top step, or you gave it your all and came up short.
    Either way the effort is the reason for the success anyways.
    About this time in the year ( 62 game mark) people will begin to make predictions and assumptions on the rest of the season with 100 games to go.
    I just sit back and enjoy it all unitl the last month, then I freak out. lol
    Baseball goes in cycles. It just might not be your month to shine yet. Hopefully the team will rebound soon and you can also gain some ground and rise to the top again in 2009.

    Rays Renegade

  3. Jane Heller

    Erin, I thought of you on the plane to NY yesterday. I was watching ESPN at my seat on one of the little TVs on Delta, and they showed clips of your game. I said to my husband, “Oh, Erin will not be happy!” A tough one. I feel your pain.

  4. Erin Kathleen

    Julia,At least our starter made it farther than Oakland’s. But yeah, once you get to the Twins’ bullpen, you have a pretty good chance at winning the game.Jeff,Yes, when he’s 34 and too crippled to play catcher anymore, then the Twins will let him go. Otherwise there will be riots in the streets of Minneapolis.Rays Renegade,Yeah, I know. The Twins aren’t that far out of first, and it isn’t like the Tigers are running away with the division. But I’m always freaking out, even when they aren’t playing. Just wait until the offseason.Jane,Meh, they won today and I’m drunk so I’m over it. But that loss in Boston must’ve been really tough. There’s nothing more frustrating when your team can’t solve a hated division rival, especially when they let the lead slip away in the later innings.

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