• Slowey suffers setback in rehab


Well, there goes the season 
Ugh, I hope it’s just a slight one.  The Slow Man was supposed to throw
a bullpen session today, but his wrist injury flared up again and was unable to do so
He’s supposed to try throwing again on Wednesday, and the Twins are
holding off on any further decisions regarding treatment until then. 
So I’m going to hold off on any further panicking until then.  What is
certain, however, is that he won’t be making his next scheduled
start on July 21 at Oakland.  Anthony Swarzak will get the nod instead. 

  • Casilla up, Tolbert down, Harris back to the bench?


As LEN3 reported,
Alexi Casilla has been recalled from Rochester, while Matt Tolbert has
been sent back down.  It’s essentially Casilla’s last chance to prove
he can stick in the major leagues, or the Twins will probably be moving
him in the off-season.  Casilla struggled mightily at the plate earlier
this season, batting a mere .180/.242/.225, and all of the defensive
miscues certainly didn’t help his case.  But he’s been on fire since
his demotion to Rochester, batting .340/.379/.449/.827 OPS for the Red Wings.  Still, as Jason
Bartlett can attest, it’s very difficult to get out of Gardy’s doghouse
once you have been banished there.  Casilla will probably have to magically
turn into Chase Utley overnight to keep his job, and even that wouldn’t
be enough.

With Casilla getting the start at second, this begs
the question as to who will be the everyday shortstop.  Gardy says he
will try to find playing time for both Punto and Harris, but this is
highly unlikely.  Punto will most certainly be the starting SS, and
Harris will almost certainly be back to the bench. The Twins are paying
Punto $4 million this year, so he and his .201/.319/.223 line won’t be
playing the utility role.  Gardy has already said as much
And really, when you look at the numbers, neither one is exactly running away
with the starting job.  Punto is terrible at the plate, but he’s a
career 21.0 UZR at the position, so his defense is good enough to make
him at least replacement-level.  Harris isn’t very good on defense (he’s a
career -11.9 UZR) but his .275/.318/.392 line makes him just a little
better than replacement-level, but not enough to just hand him the job,
either.  Now, if only there was a way to combine Harris’ bat with Punto’s glove

  • Gomez goes 3-for-4 with a home run and 5 RBI in series finale against White Sox

That goofball is bound and determined to make me love him. 


Actually, I pretty much already decided that the first time I saw him sniff his bat.



  1. Jane Heller

    I know you’re bummed about Slowey, but it’s just a setback. Wise move on your part to hold off the panicking. Remember when you thought Mauer wouldn’t be able to bounce back early in the season? He’s done more than OK.


  2. raysrenegade

    The great part about this four day break is it is added time for ecovery for a few of the walking wounded around the league right now.
    Sorry to hear that Slowey has been delayed a bit, but remember Mauer came back busting at the seams, and maybe the same will happen to Slowey.
    Best things is that there are over 70-ish games left in the season and anything can happen the rest of the way.
    Faith is the best friend of a baseball fan.

    Rays Renegade


  3. A.M. Neubs

    wasn’t gomez a total beast yesterday?? i love him more and more every game. and yeah, he’s pretty much insane – did you see him like muttering for 2 minutes as he walked up to bat? totally cracks me up.
    and this casilla/harris/tolbert business? crazy. love the point you made about combining punto’s glove and harris’ bat. if only …

    – alicia, http://minnice.mlblogs.com

  4. raysfanboy

    Harris is probably betters served playing second base for any team. His range is limited. I love him off the bench, though. He is quite the utility guy. Surely there are issues in Minnesota, but I think you have the players to set things straight and take the very weak division.

    Gotta admit, the title of this post really grabbed my attention. And it sums up how I felt about the Rays dropping 2/3 to the A’s this weekend!

  5. Erin Kathleen

    Canuck,Me, too. Our season really is in trouble if he isn’t.Julia,Yes, yes he does. Every time he comes to the plate. I guess it’s something he’s done since he was a kid.Jane,I know, I know. Still, when one of your best pitchers is on the DL, and then you read the words “It’s worse than we thought!”, you can’t help but worry.Rays,That’s true. And the Twins’ schedule does get a bit easier from here on out. We will know more on Wednesday how bad his wrist is and if we should start panicking.elisha,No, I agree. I would rather have him take things slowly and heal, than try to pitch through the pain and end up having surgery (like Francisco Liriano, I wish he’d taken a few days off). And it was fun to watch Gomez destroy the Sox. Alicia,I thought he was doing that just to annoy Brrrrle, and if he was, that just makes him even more endearing.Raysfanboy,Yeah, it is a very winnable division, but it would be nice to at least have a decent 2B or SS. And a reliever. And I agree, Harris is a great utility player, not so much an everyday SS. It’s just that he’s been so much better at the plate than any of our current options. Are you sure we can’t have Jason Bartlett back?

  6. raysfanboy

    Ha! I think we’re keeping Bartlett. We gave you Delmon YOung! Isn’t that enough!? 🙂

    Freddy Sanchez is out there with the Pirates. He is one of those guys who you gotta have. I wish the Rays had room on their roster for him. He would sure shore up your 2B situation. A solid SS? Can’t think of any that would be available right now. I think everybody wants ****.

  7. mealy

    Can you not use profanity in your tags or posts. I don’t want it on my blog as a link to a recommended article. I like keeping my blog family friendly.

    • Erin Kathleen

      If you are going to complain about the content of my posts, the least you can is provide a link to your blog so I have a chance to defend myself. To do otherwise is pretty cowardly.

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