This Ain’t Gonna Work

I have been mulling a move from MLBlogs for some time, but have been reluctant to actually do it.  Well, yesterday I finally got the push I needed.  This comment was left on my F*ck! post:

“Can you not use profanity in your tags or posts. I don’t want it on my
blog as a link to a recommended article. I like keeping my blog family

I have no idea who wrote it, since they didn’t leave a link to their blog.  Heaven forbid whoever it was should give me a chance to defend myself or to explain my point of view.  Don’t get me wrong: I respect whoever that was and their desire to keep their blog clean.  Who knows?  Their kids probably read it and don’t need a**holes like me corrupting their impressionable young minds. And it’s not like they were really nasty about it either, though they could’ve been a little more polite.  But that’s the problem with the new format of MLBlogs:  they post links to other blogs on your site whether you want them to or not.  So I can understand why whoever left that comment was so ticked off.  And since I have no intention of ever changing, I have decided to move to blogger, where what I write whatever I want and I can tell people to f*ck off if they don’t like it.  You can read my new blog here, and if you happen to have a link to my blog in your sidebar, please update it accordingly.

I am not abandoning MLBlogs completely.  If you are in my sidebar, it’s for a very good reason and I will continue to read and post comments on your blog.  Oh, and I have Twitter now, which makes me more followable or something.  I’m just not going to be posting anything new here, at least not for the time being.



  1. juliasrants

    Good luck with the new blog. It is a tough thing being a parent and not wanting to expose your kids to “language”. Mine are teens now so I’m not as worried but yes, when they were younger I would not want them reading things that I would find objectionable. And yes, when we parents feel the need to protect our children we aren’t always as “polite” as we should be – but trust me – if you ever become a mom you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.


  2. Marty_G

    Sorry to see you leave Erin, this place needs as many well-informed (and intelligible/literate) Twins commentators as we can get. I’m sorry some idiot commentator tipped you over the edge, trouble is there’s idiot commentators everywhere, and hopefully they’re not the norm. Good luck with the new blog. Did you give up on the MyTeamRivals blog too? I already linked to that one. I thought that service was so full of damn ads it seemed an even worse pay-off than the mild censorship that sometimes occurs here on MLBlogs! Anyway, keep representin’ Twins Nation, and we shall miss your candor here for sure.

    Twins Limey

  3. crazy19canuck

    Good luck with your new blog, Erin!

    Some people just don’t know how to be nice. You have a point about them being cowardly. You have a right to defend yourself and your writing. I guess they knew they were wrong to say what they did.

  4. jenny5880

    Fellow Twins fan here…
    There’s too many parents that would rather YOU change YOUR ways than actually parent their children and monitor what they’re reading. Sorry it made you move though…I’ll link to your new one!

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