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Well, That Was Mildly Interesting (and Brief)

  • American League continues to own the National League


Unlike last year’s 150-inning, 72-hour snoozefest, this game was over in a little over two and a half hours.  Which was great, because there’s only so much Joe Buck and Tim McCarver that one person can stand before suffering some sort of catastrophic brain bleed.  Or throwing something at the tv.  The pre-game ceremony probably took a lot longer than the actual game itself, since it takes about an hour just to get through all the player introductions.  And for Sheryl Crow to butcher the national anthem.

Really, though, this game was probably about the best one in a long time.  After a few first-inning jitters, everyone seemed to settle down and play the sort of baseball you would expect from well, the best players in baseball.  The later innings had some of the best moments I’ve seen all year:  Carl Crawford robbing Brad Hawpe of a home run (and basically saving Jonathan Papelbon’s a** in the process, now that’s something you don’t see every day), Joe Nathan striking out Ryan Howard on a nasty slider in the dirt (and getting himself out of a jam), and Curtis Granderson legging out a triple and coming around to score on an Adam Jones sac fly.  Crawford’s catch was pretty much the difference maker in this game, and he was quite rightly named the MVP.  Papelbon got the win, and Mariano Rivera notched a record fourth ASG save. 

Our boys did a pretty good job representing Minnesota in the All-Star Game.  Joe Mauer caught for six innings, scored a run, and drove in the tying run on a double.  Joe Nathan managed to preserve the lead in the eighth, though he did make things a little more interesting than they really needed to be.  Hey, he hasn’t worked in almost a week just enjoys toying with his opponents.  That’s right, he just likes to let you think you’re staging a rally against him, then he breaks your heart with a slider in the dirt.  That’s not very nice, Joe.  Justin Morneau went 0-for-2, though he was robbed of a (probable) double by Jason Werth.  

And BOOOO!!!! to FOX for mentioning football about a million times during the broadcast. And showing commercials involving football about every three seconds.  Apparently this “baseball” thing is merely to hold us over until football season begins.